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Simple, transparent pricing

€1 every time we generate/re-generate an image
€0.01 for every 100kb of image transfer


Here’s how we calculate the cost for a daily social media post

Assume you want to generate an animated GIF posted to Facebook once per day. Assume that the size of the image generated is 25kb in size:

Image generation: €1 * 31 days = €31.00 per month

Image serving: €0.01 * 25kb/100 * 31 * 1ꟸ = € 0.08 per month

Total: €31 + €0.08= €31.08 per month

ꟸFacebook caches images so our servers only “serve” the image once

Estimate your cost

ꟸEmail costs are calculated on 15% of selected amount due to caching by most major email providers

Estimated monthly cost: €_____ /month

Custom Design and Implementation

Custom design is charged at €80 per hour. Typically this will range somewhere between €300 and €500 once-off.

Custom API implementations vary between €50 to €100 per hour depending on the sophistication of the API.

Are you looking for a custom design estimate? Please fill out the following form with some basic information so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Please provide a description of the content you’re looking to automate as well as a description of the required API too.

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